Carli Lloyd Reveals Humbling Defeat to FC Dallas U-15 Boys: A Turning Point in her Illustrious Career

In a candid revelation during a recent interview on X, U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) legend Carli Lloyd admitted to one of the most embarrassing moments in her storied career—losing to the FC Dallas boys U-15 team. The admission came in response to a user’s question that surfaced during the interview.

“Yes, it’s true. I know… thousands of people have already brought that up,” Lloyd responded, acknowledging the surprising defeat. “They were good.”

The shocking loss to FC Dallas, where the USWNT fell 5-2, was strategically utilized as a tune-up before an international friendly against Russia, as reported by CBSSports. Despite the initial setback, Lloyd shed light on how such experiences contributed to her success in securing prestigious tournaments, including gold medals at two FIFA World Cups (2015, 2019) and two Olympics (2008, 2012).

Carli Lloyd poses with Tanner Tessmann back in 2017 when the FC Dallas U-15 team defeated the USWNT 5-2.
@Bham_United / X

“We actually lost to a youth Bayern Munich team in my career as well, but then we went on to win Olympics and World Cups. So…,” Lloyd added, emphasizing that triumph often follows tribulation.

Addressing critics who highlighted the significant physical differences between the women and the teen boys, a user posted a photo under Lloyd’s post illustrating the size contrast. The image featured Tanner Tessmann alongside several USWNT players, including Megan Rapinoe.

“Typically when someone mentions this, I’ll post one of the pub photos of you standing with one of the boys… who is a foot taller than you. I mean, c’mon!” one user commented.

In response to such observations, Lloyd defended the loss, stating, “They should beat us. Bigger, stronger, faster! Boys always gave us a run for our money! It was great prep.”

Carli Lloyd poses with the Women’s World Cup trophy following the US’s win over the Netherlands in France in 2019.
FIFA via Getty Images

Tessmann, now listed by the U.S. Men’s National Team as supplemental slots 29-30 and playing for Venezia FC in Italy’s Serie A, was featured prominently in the photo, showcasing the developmental gap between male and female players.

Some users rallied behind Lloyd, arguing that the biological disparities between female soccer players and males, even 15-year-old boys, were significant.

“Tbf that class of players from the FCD academy was generational,” one person commented.

Lloyd confirmed the loss on social media, adding it wasn’t the only time the USWNT lost to a youth team.
Carli Lloyd / X

However, not all comments were serious, with one user humorously suggesting, “I still think you could have psyched them out. Like told their goalie that he was going to fail his driver’s test.”

Despite their loss to the U-15 boys, the USWNT went on to win the World Cup two years later in France.

Carli Lloyd’s admission serves as a testament to the resilience and determination that ultimately propelled her to become one of the most decorated figures in women’s soccer history, turning a surprising defeat into a pivotal moment in her illustrious career.

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