Bruce Willis’ Daughter Tallulah Details His ‘Really Aggressive’ and ‘Very Rare’ Dementia

Hollywood icon Bruce Willis’ daughter, Tallulah, has recently shed light on her father’s battle with dementia, providing a glimpse into the actor’s health struggles. Tallulah opened up during an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” offering a touching and honest perspective on the “Die Hard” star’s condition.

During the interview, Tallulah, 29, explained that despite her father’s health challenges, he remains the same at his core, which she has come to appreciate as the best possible outcome. “He is the same, which I think in this regard I’ve learned is the best thing you can ask for,” she told host Drew Barrymore, herself a renowned actress at 48.

Tallulah went on to reveal, “I see love when I’m with him, and it’s my dad, and he loves me, which is really special.” It’s a heartwarming testament to the enduring bond between a father and daughter, even in the face of adversity.

Tallulah opened up about her dad during Wednesday’s appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

However, the young Willis also disclosed that her father, Bruce Willis, now 68, is battling a particularly aggressive and very rare form of dementia, a cognitive disease that has posed unique challenges for the family.

Drew Barrymore, struck by the family’s openness about Bruce Willis’ health, asked Tallulah why they chose to be so transparent about his condition. Tallulah responded, “Well, I think it’s twofold. On one hand, it’s who we are as a family, but also, it’s really important for us to spread awareness.”

Bruce Willis shares three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore – Rumer, 35; Tallulah, 29; and Scout, 32 – and two daughters with his current wife, Emma Heming Willis – Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, 9. For the Willis family, their decision to share their journey is not just about opening up but also about raising awareness and helping others who may be facing similar challenges.

Willis was diagnosed with FTD in February.

Tallulah explained, “If we can take something that we’re struggling with as a family to help other people, to turn it around to make something beautiful about it, that’s really special for us.” She added that a significant part of her healing process has involved delving into her father’s world, exploring his cherished possessions, and embracing her role as an “archeologist to my dad’s world, to his little trinkets and doodads.”

Bruce Willis was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in February, a diagnosis that was jointly announced by the family. At the time, they shared, “While this is painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis. FTD is a cruel disease that many of us have never heard of and can strike anyone.”

The family expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support and love from fans and well-wishers during this challenging time. Bruce Willis, known for finding joy in life, has received an abundance of care and respect in return.

Willis shares three daughters with ex Demi Moore — Rumer, 35; Tallulah, 29; and Scout, 32 — and two daughters with wife Emma Heming Willis — Mabel, 11; and Evelyn, 9.

In 2022, Willis’ loved ones had previously revealed that he was suffering from aphasia, a condition that impacts one’s ability to speak and write. Consequently, he retired from acting to focus on his health battle. While the actor’s communication skills have been affected, those close to him continue to cherish the moments they share with him, aware of the vibrant personality that resides within, even if his words no longer flow as freely as they once did.

Bruce Willis remains an enduring presence in the hearts of his loved ones, despite the challenges he faces, a testament to the power of love and family during difficult times.

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