Unveiling Long-Held Silence: Doctors Who Treated JFK Break Their Silence in New Documentary

Paramount+ Documentary Sheds Light on Parkland Hospital Physicians’ Suppressed Observations

In a revelation six decades in the making, doctors who treated President John F. Kennedy at Parkland Hospital in the aftermath of his 1963 assassination have broken their silence in a forthcoming documentary, “JFK: What The Doctors Saw,” set to premiere on Paramount+ on Nov. 14. The physicians, seven in total, share their experiences in Trauma Room 1, shedding light on the wounds sustained by the late president and the subsequent suppression of their observations.

The medical professionals, including Parkland medical residents and students Ronald Jones, Lawrence Klein, Kenneth Salyer, Peter Loeb, and Goldstrich, along with Assistant Professor of Surgery Robert McClelland and Chief of Medicine Donald Seldin, were present in the trauma room where President Kennedy passed away. Despite their significant roles in treating the iconic figure, their accounts were allegedly stifled, and they refrained from coming forward for fear of repercussions.

JFK: What The Doctors Saw premieres Tuesday on Paramount+.Courtesy of Paramount+

Lawrence Klein recounted his initial disbelief upon learning about Kennedy’s gunshot wound, expressing, “‘Oh, it’s gonna be like John Wayne, he’ll be sitting on the gurney and it’d be like it’s only a flesh wound.’ I had no idea.” The gravity of the situation became apparent as the doctors confronted the severity of the wounds.

Dr. Goldstrich recalled an early moment when Kennedy’s clothes were still on, revealing, “I saw the wound in his neck. We could tell that the wound was in the front of the neck, just above where the shirt and tie were.” Ronald Jones added, “He had a major wound on the right side of his head that was wide open with brain and loss of skull, and with the whole scalp peeled back.”

Despite these harrowing details, the doctors claim that their observations were suppressed, and they refrained from speaking out due to fear of consequences. The documentary aims to unravel the untold stories and silenced perspectives of the medical professionals who played a crucial role in the immediate aftermath of one of the most pivotal moments in American history.

As “JFK: What The Doctors Saw” prepares to make its debut, it promises to provide a unique and previously concealed perspective on the tragic events surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination, challenging the historical narrative that has long been etched in the collective memory.

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