Wynonna Judd’s CMA Awards 2023 Performance Leaves Fans Worried: She’s ‘Holding on for Dear Life’

Fans of country music legend Wynonna Judd were left deeply concerned following her performance at the 2023 CMA Awards on Wednesday night. The 59-year-old icon, known for her powerful vocals and stage presence, joined forces with country newcomer Jelly Roll for a duet of his hit song “Need a Favor,” which opened ABC’s broadcast of the show. However, it was a performance that some labeled as “bizarre.”

Judd’s fans took to social media platform X to express their apprehension as they watched the once-vibrant artist appear unsteady and out of her element on stage. It’s no secret that Judd has faced personal hardships in recent years, including the tragic loss of her mother and singing partner, Naomi Judd, to suicide last April. The weight of these experiences seemed evident during her performance.

“Am I the only one concerned for @Wynonna,” one fan wrote, echoing the sentiments of many others. “Something is wrong with her. Hope she is okay!!”

Views claimed Wynonna Judd held onto Jelly Roll “for dear life” at the CMA Awards 2023.

Another fan admitted, “It was seriously bizarre. I wonder what’s going on? She barely moved once she got a death grip on him,” referring to Judd’s physical connection with Jelly Roll during their performance.

“Wynonna Judd is holding on to Jelly Roll for dear life,” another fan declared, emphasizing the visibly tight grip she maintained throughout the song.

The Post has reached out to representatives for Judd for comment, hoping to shed light on the artist’s condition and well-being.

This isn’t the first time concerns have arisen about Wynonna Judd’s health. Just last year, she was forced to withdraw from her “New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash” performance due to an “extreme bout of vertigo.” Many online fans couldn’t help but wonder if she was battling the same health issue again during her CMA Awards performance.

Wynonna Judd poses in the press room at the CMA Awards 2023.

One fan hypothesized, “Wondering if she’s having another severe bout of vertigo. Looking down, holding on for dear life, and barely moving… makes sense.”

Others voiced their heartfelt support, expressing the need for someone to help the beloved artist who has clearly been through a lot. “She’s been through so much. Someone help her,” one pleaded.

It’s important to note that fans previously raised concerns about Wynonna Judd’s mental health last New Year’s Eve. However, she later addressed these concerns on her Instagram, reassuring her followers by saying, “Well, I’m okay. I am working so hard on my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. And I have a really great team. I’m really blessed, and I’m broken, and I’m working really hard on self-care, which is not selfish, it’s sacred.”

As the public eagerly awaits updates on Wynonna Judd’s condition, her devoted fanbase remains hopeful that the country music legend will find the support and strength she needs to overcome her personal challenges.

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