Unlocking Comfort: Flight Attendant Reveals ‘Hidden Button’ for Aisle Seat Airmrest

In the world of air travel, where passengers often yearn for any small comforts to alleviate the stresses of long flights, a TUI Airways flight attendant has unveiled a surprising “game-changing” secret for those occupying the dreaded aisle seat. With an obscure button tucked away beneath the armrest, the traveler’s journey is set to become a lot smoother.

Charlie Silver, a dedicated flight attendant for TUI Airways in the United Kingdom, took it upon herself to demystify this hidden feature, aiming to bring newfound comfort and ease to passengers in aisle seats. In a TikTok video that went viral, Silver reveals the existence of a concealed button that can transform the aisle armrest’s functionality, and the internet can’t get enough.

“Are you sitting on the aisle seat wondering why your armrest doesn’t go up?” Silver asks in the TikTok video, her hands struggling to lift the armrest conventionally, to no avail. “Well, here you go. Here’s a little hack for you. Press this little hidden button, and voila! Your armrest will move freely up and down.”

A flight attendant for TUI Airways in the UK is sharing an “airplane hack” for travelers looking to be more comfortable in the aisle seat.

With a swift touch to the button discreetly nestled on the underside of the armrest near the hinge, Silver effortlessly demonstrates how passengers can elevate and lower the aisle armrest, granting a newfound freedom of movement and space that is often desired during air travel.

Since its upload last week, the TikTok video has taken the internet by storm, garnering an impressive 483,000 views and a multitude of comments from curious and grateful travelers eager to try this newfound hack for themselves.

The New York Post reached out to Silver for her thoughts on the unexpected viral sensation. While Silver didn’t elaborate extensively, the demonstration speaks for itself, leaving many to wonder why they hadn’t known about this hidden feature before.


This video is for people who didnt know that the aisle seat armrest moves too, its like this on most aircraft types 😇✈️ #airplanehacks #travel #aviation #cabincrew #flightattendant #flyingtip #fyp #aisleseat

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TikTok users flooded the comments section with gratitude and amazement. One user gushed, “Never knew this game changer.” Another expressed their thanks, saying, “Thank you sooo much. I was on a TUI flight fighting with the armrest.” Silver, clearly accustomed to these queries, calmly responded with a blue heart emoji, revealing that this feature is not exclusive to her airline. “It’s like this on most airlines,” she said.

The lingering question, however, is why such a useful option has remained shrouded in obscurity. A third commenter inquired, “Why would that option be hidden though?” Silver was quick to clarify, stating, “It’s not. It’s just a button that people don’t really know about.”

“Are you sitting on the aisle seat wondering why your armrest doesn’t go up?” flight attendant Charlie Silver asks as she tries to pull up the aisle armrest to no avail.

This revelation has once again highlighted the importance of sharing insider knowledge and air travel “hacks” among passengers. Recent tips from experts include strategies to avoid oversized baggage fees, techniques for finding the cheapest flights, and tactics for securing compensation for “delayed” flights.

In the quest for comfort and ease during air travel, this newfound knowledge offers passengers a simple yet transformative solution. The hidden button beneath the armrest promises to make aisle seats more comfortable and enjoyable for countless travelers, serving as a reminder that even in the world of aviation, little secrets can lead to big changes.

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