She Was a Nun for 24 Years, Then Fell in Love with a Monk: He Proposed After 7 Days, Their Story Leaves You Breathless

A Remarkable Love Story: From the Convent to the Altar – The Extraordinary Journey of Sister Mary Elizabeth and Father Robert

The story that follows serves as a poignant reminder that love transcends boundaries, time, and circumstances, unfolding in the most unexpected of places. It is the extraordinary tale of Sister Mary Elizabeth and Father Robert, a love story that defies all odds.

Their meeting, a chance encounter in a sacred setting, ultimately led to a profound transformation in both of their lives. The captivating narrative of their love unfolds like a script from a movie, leaving many breathless.

Sister Mary Elizabeth, formerly known as Lisa Tinkler, made a life-altering decision in 2015 when she chose to leave the church. For 24 years, she had been a devoted member of the Carmelite Roman Catholic religious order. Her monastic existence was spent in contemplation within the walls of a monastery in Preston, England. It was here that she had dedicated herself to a life of devotion to God. Little did she know that her world was about to be irrevocably changed.

Their paths crossed by pure chance. At that moment, neither knew each other’s name or the color of each other’s hair. However, as fate would have it, a simple touch changed the course of their lives. It was this moment when, after decades of a monastic existence, Sister Mary Elizabeth, who had committed herself to a life of solitude and prayer, decided that this spark was enough to make her reconsider her strict religious commitment.

Merely a touch, a brush of the sleeve, and this monastic, who had dedicated decades to God, knew that she could no longer resist the chemistry between them. The connection was undeniable.

Sister Mary Elizabeth, now 50, had lived a quiet life within the walls of the monastery until 2015, the year she met Father Robert, a Carmelite monk from Oxford visiting the monastery. The two found themselves alone when the parish priest stepped into another room to take a phone call.

Until then, Robert and Lisa had never communicated. She had heard him preach during occasional visits to the monastery, but they had never interacted. As Robert began to leave the room, their sleeves grazed each other, unleashing an electrifying wave of energy.

“I felt chemistry, something, and it was quite unsettling. I thought, ‘Oh God, did he feel it too?’ And, as I let him go out the door, it was quite tense,” she confessed.

Within seven days, he proposed

The moment they shared that spark, both Sister Mary Elizabeth and Father Robert began thinking more about each other. Seven days later, Robert mustered the courage to send a message to Lisa, asking if she would consider giving up her vows to marry him.

This was the point at which Lisa had to confront her tumultuous emotions and the shockwaves that had rippled through her life. After all, she had never spoken to Robert before, and he didn’t even know her name. Up to that moment, she had lived an isolated life as a nun within the Carmelite religious order, having joined during her late teenage years. The strict order, which dates back to the 12th century, maintains a disciplined lifestyle for its nuns.

Her fascination with religion began when she was just six years old. While living in the monastery, she spoke for only two and a half hours a day. The rest of her time was spent alone in her cell, in contemplative silence. Over time, her vocabulary shrank. However, when she met Robert, a seismic shift occurred.

She initially struggled to reconcile her newfound feelings with her devotion to God. Lisa reached out to her parish priest to confess her emotions for Robert, a monk, all in the span of a week, despite never having spoken to him. Her confession left her clergyman in disbelief, unable to comprehend how she could fall in love with a monk without any previous interaction. She also grappled with how her bishop, her religious order, and her own family would react to her decision to leave the church. Lisa also worried about how it would affect her relationship with God.

But it was the vicar’s response to her news that persuaded her to pack her few possessions and leave the monastery to meet Robert in a pub.

Lisa disclosed how she began to struggle with her faith upon leaving the monastery. She even contemplated taking her own life but found the courage to follow through on her decision after seeing Robert through the pub’s window.

Robert, who was born and raised in Poland, joined the Carmelite order in 2002, came to England, and eventually became a vicar. Although they both shared fears about embarking on a marriage in their fifties, they persisted with their decision.

However, despite the deep connection they felt, both struggled with adapting to life outside the monastery. Lisa admitted that their first Christmas together was particularly challenging. The beginning of their relationship was fraught with difficulties, and they even considered ending it. They had an emotional moment when Robert purchased and translated a book about nuns who had left their orders, and they read stories that closely mirrored their own situation.

Nonetheless, they eventually found balance in their new life, reconnecting with their faith outside the monastery. Lisa noted that she now views their life together as two Carmelites living as one and dedicating their lives to God. She emphasized that Christ is at the center of their marriage and everything they do.

Today, Lisa works as a hospital chaplain, having previously worked at a funeral home. She acknowledges that she has grown accustomed to a different wardrobe and hairstyle after spending 24 years in religious attire.

Reflecting on their unique journey, she shared that, had it not been for Robert, she might have returned to monastic life. She had grown accustomed to the silence and found it challenging to navigate the modern world.

As an ex-nun, she described her life with Robert as two Carmelites living as one, offering their lives to God. Their union remains a testament to the enduring power of love, bridging the gap between the sacred and the worldly, and ultimately bringing two souls together in a bond that knows no bounds.

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