Father-Daughter Dream Team Takes to the Skies on Father’s Day

Father’s Day has always been a special occasion for families to come together, and for one aviation-loving family, this year’s Father’s Day is set to reach new heights. Captain Nick Cosmakos and First Officer Niclina Cosmakos, a father-daughter duo, are slated to take off in the cockpit of an Alaska Airlines flight, creating an unforgettable experience on this cherished day.

The dynamic duo has a remarkable flight plan, as they are scheduled to work together for the entire month, forming an exceptional team in the sky. Niclina Cosmakos, who credits her love for flying to her father, has fond memories of soaring through the clouds with her dad when she and her brother were just kids.

“He had us in small airplanes flying out of Paine Field as far back as I can remember,” she reminisces. “I really enjoyed the sensation of operating an aircraft; it was fun and challenging. I knew at 16 that it was what I wanted to do as a profession.”

Niclina’s aviation journey officially took flight when she began flying commercial routes at the age of 21. Her father, Nick, played a pivotal role in supporting her dreams every step of the way. His unwavering encouragement even led him to witness a significant milestone in Niclina’s career when she flew a delivery flight for Emirates Airlines from Paine Field in 2011.

“We knew I had made it full circle back to the very place I fell in love with flying,” Niclina reflects, highlighting the profound significance of that moment.

Niclina joined the Alaska Airlines family nearly three years ago, but the two Cosmakos pilots had not shared the same cockpit until earlier this month when they embarked on a journey from Boston to San Diego. This historic flight marked a cherished moment for both father and daughter.

“What makes me most proud was to witness how my daughter treats the people she encounters with sincere care and compassion,” Nick says with pride. “What I will always remember on our first trip is how she would light up when a little kid would come into our flight deck to say hello to the pilots. That is when she is at her best.”

For Niclina, the experience of co-piloting an Alaska Airlines flight with her father was beyond compare. She effuses, “It definitely eclipsed all great moments in my flying career. I was so happy to assist such a great captain and father. We are an Alaska Airlines family for sure.”

The heartwarming story of the Cosmakos father-daughter pilot team serves as a testament to the power of family bonds and shared passions. As they take to the skies on Father’s Day, their journey symbolizes the harmonious blend of a familial legacy with a soaring career in aviation. For the passengers on their flights, this duo’s enthusiasm, dedication, and genuine compassion undoubtedly make their journey a little more special.

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