Capturing Elegance: Office Girls on Wall Street Taking a Break in 1959

In the heart of bustling Wall Street, amid the relentless pace of the financial world, a moment of tranquility and timeless elegance was immortalized by Dutch photographer Kees Scherer in 1959. The photograph, simply titled “Office Girls on Wall Street taking a break,” transports us to an era when corporate America was marked not only by ambition but also by distinctive fashion choices.

As we delve into this captivating snapshot, we’re transported back to a time when women’s office attire was a symphony of femininity and professionalism. The women in the photograph, whose identities remain a mystery, are frozen in time, poised with an air of sophistication that speaks volumes about the fashion trends of that era.

The most striking aspect of the image is undoubtedly the hem lengths of the women’s dresses. In an age where modesty was paramount, their skirts gracefully skimmed the knee, exemplifying the delicate balance between style and decorum. These hemlines were a nod to societal expectations, with women valuing both the presentation of self and their professional aspirations.

Office girls near Wall Street – New York 1959

Equally captivating are the footwear choices of these Wall Street professionals. In a world where practicality often prevails, the women in the photograph confidently donned stilettos, a fashion choice that added an extra layer of allure to their attire. The stilettos symbolized not just elegance but also the unwavering determination of women striving for recognition in the corporate sphere.

The image resonates with the meticulous attention to detail that characterized fashion in the late 1950s. The women’s dresses, characterized by tailored silhouettes and flattering cuts, exhibit a sense of individuality within the constraints of conventional office wear. Each outfit is a carefully curated ensemble, a testament to the sartorial expression of the women of Wall Street during that era.

Kees Scherer, the visionary behind the lens, had an uncanny ability to capture not just the physical presence of his subjects but also the essence of their era. Through his lens, Scherer elevated this candid moment into a work of art, inviting viewers to explore the complexities of gender, fashion, and corporate life in the late 1950s.

Office Girls in Wall Street, New York. Photo by Kees Scherer (1959)

Though the women in the photograph remain nameless and their stories untold, their collective image speaks to a shared experience of determination and style in a time of societal change. They were part of a generation of women breaking barriers and asserting their presence in traditionally male-dominated spaces, and their fashion choices were a visual manifestation of this transformation.

“Office Girls on Wall Street taking a break” is a testament to the power of photography to capture not only moments but also the spirit of an era. It allows us to appreciate the grace and resilience of the women who paved the way for future generations of female professionals. Through the lens of Kees Scherer, we are reminded that even in the most mundane moments, history is being made, and fashion is a canvas for self-expression and empowerment.

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