Here’s The First Cat Video Ever, Thomas Edison’s ‘The Boxing Cats’ From 1894

How the Pioneering Filmmaker Thomas Edison Created the Original Viral Cat Video

In the age of viral cat videos that dominate the internet, it’s easy to assume that this feline phenomenon is a recent development. Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, and Keyboard Cat may have taken the internet by storm, but long before memes and YouTube, there was one man who pioneered the art of capturing cats’ quirky antics on film: Thomas Edison. In a world long before smartphones and social media, Edison was creating viral cat content in his Black Maria Studio in 1894, making him the true forefather of the internet’s fascination with feline antics.

The Birth of a Phenomenon

Thomas Edison, the renowned American inventor, is often celebrated for his groundbreaking work in the fields of electricity and motion pictures. Yet, it is his lesser-known creation, “The Boxing Cats,” that earned him a unique place in the annals of internet history. Shot in his innovative Black Maria Studio, located in West Orange, New Jersey, this short film was the world’s first documented cat video.

The Boxing Cats

“The Boxing Cats” was a simple yet captivating piece of cinema. The film, shot in black and white, showcased two cats playfully sparring inside a miniature boxing ring. These feline pugilists engaged in an adorable, choreographed duel, reminiscent of professional boxers of the era. In just under a minute, Edison’s film managed to capture the essence of these playful cats, creating an enduring appeal that would foreshadow the internet’s cat obsession a century later.

The Black Maria Studio

Edison’s Black Maria Studio was a pioneer in its own right. It was the world’s first film production studio, named for its resemblance to a police paddy wagon due to its rotating design. The studio’s roof could be opened to allow in natural light, and it featured various backgrounds and props, providing Edison with the versatility to experiment with different film genres.

A Viral Sensation of Its Time

While there was no internet in 1894 to instantly broadcast Edison’s cat video to the masses, “The Boxing Cats” became a sensation of its time. Audiences across the United States marveled at this novel form of entertainment, displayed in nickelodeons and vaudeville theaters. It was a testament to Edison’s ingenuity and the universal appeal of amusing cat behavior.

Edison’s Legacy Lives On

Today, cat videos reign supreme on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, accumulating millions of views and transforming ordinary cats into social media celebrities. While Grumpy Cat, with her perpetually dour expression, may be one of the most famous felines on the internet, it’s important to remember that Thomas Edison was the original pioneer in capturing the whimsical world of cats on film.

“The Boxing Cats” may be over a century old, but it continues to inspire a global audience’s fascination with cats and their charming antics. In many ways, Edison’s pioneering work in filmmaking laid the foundation for the cat video craze we see today. As we continue to share and enjoy these endearing videos, let us not forget the man who started it all with two boxing cats in a small New Jersey studio in 1894. Thomas Edison may be celebrated for illuminating the world with electricity, but he also illuminated our screens with the timeless appeal of cat videos.

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