Occupants of a Sod House in Drenthe, Frozen in Time: A 1936 Portrait

In the windswept landscapes of Drenthe, the Netherlands, the 1936 lens of photographer Jan van der Meer captured an enduring image – the occupants of a humble sod house standing proudly outside. This photograph not only offers a visual portal to the past but also tells a timeless tale of resilience and tradition.

Amid the flat, expansive fields and tranquil waterways that define Drenthe, lies a rural Dutch community that has clung steadfastly to its roots. In 1936, at the height of a world on the brink of war, van der Meer’s camera lens immortalized a family that embodied the very essence of tradition.

The photograph reveals a modest sod house, constructed from a blend of earth and grass, a traditional building technique passed down through generations in the region. The house, though simple, exudes a sense of warmth and comfort, nestled seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Drenthe, the Netherlands, Oud Aalden

Standing proudly in front of this earthly abode are the occupants – a family that had likely weathered both the harsh winters and bountiful summers that define life in Drenthe. The man, woman, and two children appear resolute, their faces etched with lines of toil and wisdom.

The woman, dressed in the traditional attire of the region, a long skirt and apron, holds a wooden bucket – a symbol of the laborious daily chores that defined rural life. The man, with his rugged hands and weathered expression, radiates a sense of quiet strength. It’s a portrait of a life far removed from the conveniences of the modern world, where self-sufficiency and close-knit family ties were the pillars of existence.

Occupants of a sod house in Drenthe, the Netherlands, photographed standing outside in 1936.

As the world outside changed at a rapid pace in 1936, the occupants of this sod house remained rooted in their timeless traditions. In their faces, one can discern the echoes of generations past, a living testament to the enduring spirit of Drenthe.

In this simple photograph, Jan van der Meer has immortalized not just a family but an entire way of life. It stands as a reminder of the resilience of those who, even in the face of modernity, chose to embrace and preserve the traditions of their ancestors. As we gaze upon this frozen moment in time, we are reminded that, in the heart of Drenthe, the past is never truly gone; it lives on in the traditions, in the earth beneath their feet, and in the people who call this place home.

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