A Timeless Bond: Hungarian Photographer Recreates Iconic Budapest Market Photo after 30 Years

In the vast sea of viral content that inundates our digital lives, there are some moments that transcend time. Such is the case of a heartwarming photograph taken in a Budapest marketplace in 1987, capturing a young woman and her daughter. Recently, this picture resurfaced and took the internet by storm, over three decades after its initial capture.

The image garnered attention for various reasons. Some drew comparisons between the young mother in the photograph and the late Princess Diana, noting a striking resemblance that radiated elegance and grace. Others marveled at the charisma exuded by the woman in the photo, while many applauded the photographer’s artistry in encapsulating a moment so vividly.

Attila Manek, the photographer behind this poignant shot, found himself in an unexpected whirlwind of recognition. When he stumbled upon his own photograph’s newfound fame, he was oblivious to the digital version that had surfaced on Facebook. In fact, he had no knowledge of who had taken it or where it had been posted. However, the curiosity of many online commentators ignited a spark within Attila, prompting him to embark on a captivating journey.

This viral photo was taken on Museum Boulevard in Budapest, 1987. (Photo by Attila Manek)

The question on everyone’s mind was: What became of the individuals captured in that timeless image? Attila decided to quench this collective curiosity by recreating a strikingly similar photograph in 2020.

According to Attila, who is not just the photographer but a member of the familial ensemble featured in the original photo, the iconic image was taken on Museum Boulevard in Budapest, a place they called home at the time. The recreation, however, unfolded in the bustling setting of the Budafok market, with the same protagonists – Marti and her daughter Eniko, now all grown up.

But this recreation carried a deeper message. Attila sought to encapsulate the essence of the “second shift” experienced by mothers, who shoulder not only the responsibilities of their workplaces but also the demands of caring for their families. In this powerful image, a playful twist was added as Eniko, now a 36-year-old chemistry scientist, playfully nestled herself inside a huge bag.

Attila Manek recreated the photo again in 2020 after it went viral, but now it was taken in the Budafok market. (Photo by Attila Manek)

Fanni Manek, Eniko’s sister, shared insights into the motivation behind the photograph. She revealed, “He wanted to depict the difficulty of the ‘second shift’ with the picture of how mothers are burdened: They take the baby home after work and even have to buy it. For the sake of the joke, the little girl, Eniko, got into a huge bag.”

As time moved forward, so did the lives of Marti and Eniko. Marti, whom Attila first encountered while working with MTI’s photo editorial team, transitioned into a career of translation and article writing. Today, she serves in a prominent role within a medical company, continuing to make her mark in the professional world.

The touching journey of this photograph, from its creation to its resurgence on the internet, underscores the enduring power of human connections and the artistry that preserves them. In an ever-evolving digital age, this story reminds us that certain moments are timeless, forever imprinted in the hearts and memories of those who encounter them.

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