Beyond the Grave: The Remarkable Story of Frank Hayes and Sweet Kiss

Certainly! Frank Hayes was an American jockey who gained posthumous fame for an extraordinary and unlikely victory in a horse race. He was born on March 6, 1888, in County Kerry, Ireland, and later immigrated to the United States.

On June 4, 1923, at Belmont Park in New York, Frank Hayes rode a horse named Sweet Kiss in a steeplechase race. Surprisingly, during the race, Hayes suffered a fatal heart attack. Despite his untimely death, his body remained in the saddle, and Sweet Kiss continued to run, ultimately crossing the finish line in first place.

It was discovered after the race that Frank Hayes had won the event, becoming the only known jockey to win a race posthumously. The victory was attributed to the horse’s independent ability to navigate the track rather than the jockey’s active participation.

This incident gained significant attention in the media, with headlines highlighting the incredible and tragic turn of events. The unusual story of Frank Hayes’ posthumous win in a horse race has since become a part of racing folklore.

While Frank Hayes’ victory was undoubtedly a unique and unexpected occurrence, it is worth noting that it was a result of the horse’s natural racing instincts rather than the jockey’s skill. The incident serves as a testament to the incredible bond between jockeys and their horses and the unpredictable nature of sporting events.

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