Nia Renee Hill Expresses Disapproval with Double Middle Fingers as Trump Attends UFC 295

Former President Donald Trump’s presence at the UFC 295 pay-per-view event at Madison Square Garden stirred both cheers and controversy. Accompanied by a notable entourage, including Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock, Dana White, and Donald Trump Jr., the ex-president received a mixed reception from the New York crowd, predominantly met with cheers.

However, a moment caught on camera added an unexpected twist to the event. Seated behind Trump, alongside comedian Bill Burr, actress and producer Nia Renee Hill was spotted flashing double middle fingers in the direction of the former president. While Burr’s political stance is known to be complex, Hill’s disapproval of Trump dates back to at least 2012 when she publicly expressed her sentiments on social media.

“Started to watch Miss Universe but forgot that a**hole Trump was involved. #pass,” Hill noted in a tweet from that time, indicating her early disapproval of the former president.

Trump, known for his longstanding interest in boxing and mixed martial arts, made an enthusiastic entrance, waving and pumping his fist to Kid Rock’s “American Badass.” Seated ringside, he enjoyed the event alongside familiar faces from the worlds of politics and entertainment.

The headline fight of the evening featured Czech fighter Jiri Prochazka against Brazilian Alex Pereira for the Light Heavyweight title. Despite Trump’s legal challenges and his decision to skip recent primary debates, including the GOP debate, he remains the frontrunner among Republican presidential candidates for the 2024 election, maintaining a significant lead over his opponents.

Rushing to New York after a rally in New Hampshire, Trump’s appearance at UFC 295 underscores his continued engagement with the worlds of sports and entertainment, as well as his enduring popularity within the Republican primary landscape. The event not only showcased high-stakes fights but also captured the ongoing political dynamics surrounding the former president.

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