This Is The Most-Watched Episode Of The Series “Friends”: 53 Million People Watched It

The World Says Farewell to Matthew Perry, as the Beloved Series “Friends” Remains Iconic

With millions of devoted fans, the world is bidding farewell to Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler in the legendary series “Friends.” The show shattered viewership records, with the most-watched episode of “Friends” attracting a staggering 53 million viewers in a single evening.

This remarkable episode is “The One After the Superbowl,” part of the second season, which had its premiere on NBC on January 28, 1996, as a special lead-in to the Super Bowl.

The episode featured several guest stars, including Brooke Shields, Chris Isaak, Julia Roberts, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Fred Willard, and Dan Castellaneta. It garnered a viewership of 52.925 million and claimed a 47% share of the audience. This episode remains not only the most-watched installment of the series but also the highest-rated Super Bowl lead-out program of all time.

In this episode, Ross discovers that his former pet capuchin monkey, Marcel, has landed a role in a film being shot in New York. Meanwhile, Chandler reunites with his childhood friend, Susie (played by Julia Roberts), and they share a complicated history. In elementary school, Chandler had unintentionally humiliated Susie during a play, lifting her skirt on stage, exposing her underwear to the audience.

They agree to go out for dinner, and Chandler remains unaware that Susie has revenge in mind.

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