Meg Ryan’s Altered Appearance Sparks Controversy: Plastic Surgeon Weighs In on ‘Botched Facelift’

Meg Ryan, renowned for her roles in iconic rom-coms like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “You’ve Got Mail,” is making her comeback to the big screen in the movie “What Happens Later” after an eight-year hiatus. While fans are delighted to see her back in action, there’s a cloud of concern over her seemingly altered appearance due to what some have described as “bad and bizarre” plastic surgery.

Social media platforms have been buzzing with commentary about Meg Ryan’s facial transformation. Some express joy at her return, but simultaneously, there’s a tinge of sadness that she might have tampered with her classic visage.

One Twitter user, @afiaonfiyah, noted, “Great to see Meg Ryan back with her bread and butter but lord I wish she didn’t mess with her face.” Another user, @Marcelopachecop, humorously suggested renaming her latest film as “What Happens With Meg Ryan’s Face.” It’s evident that many are perplexed and disheartened by the changes they’ve observed in the actress.

Fans of America’s rom-com sweetheart Meg Ryan are taken aback by her face.

@marysei44432000 commented, “I love Meg Ryan, but what happened to her face? She was sooo beautiful with big expressive eyes.” And @Defenestrate123 added a note of caution, saying, “I’m not going to have anything done to my face. I’m afraid of ending up looking like a trout. All the women in Hollywood do. They all start to look the same at a certain point. Poor Meg Ryan, for instance. She was so cute.”

Meg Ryan, who is 61 years old, has never publicly confirmed any cosmetic procedures. However, Dr. Sam Rizk, a prominent celebrity facial plastic surgeon, has speculated that not only did she undergo a facelift, but it might have been a botched procedure.

People are saddened by the changed look of the once fresh-faced actress, pictured here in 1998’s “You’ve Got Mail.”

According to Dr. Rizk, her facelift appears to have been done in the wrong direction, horizontally rather than the typical vertical approach. He identified her mouth as a telltale sign of this “sideways” surgery. “When she was younger, her mouth was smaller,” he noted. “Look at her mouth in ‘Top Gun.’ Now, it’s twice the size. The only way a mouth can get bigger as you get older is if it’s pulled sideways.”

Dr. Rizk also pointed to the possibility of lip enhancement with fillers, as some have likened her lips to the “joker smile.” He mentioned, “She’s got filler in her lips, and they’re more filled on the side, which is making it look even worse.”

Celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk said Ryan — here in “What Happens Later” — got a “sideways” facelift.

Additionally, Dr. Rizk raised the question of potential cheek work, suggesting they might have been injected with filler or fat. “She has doughy cheeks that were never there before. Cheeks never get bigger as you get older,” he remarked. The fuller cheeks seem to have caused her eyes to appear smaller, resulting in a less familiar look.

Dr. Rizk offered an explanation for this transformation, saying, “When you have a lot of filler or fat in your cheeks and you smile, where does it go? The cheeks go up, and what’s above the cheek? The eyes.”

X users are not holding back with their comments on the actress’ face.

Meg Ryan once addressed speculations about her changing looks in a 2015 interview with Porter magazine. She deflected the topic by emphasizing that there are more critical conversations than women’s appearances and aging. She expressed her contentment with her age, her life, and the person she has evolved into. However, that article has since been removed, leaving her latest appearance open to scrutiny and interpretation by fans and experts alike.

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