The unknown woman with whom Perry had lunch one day before his death came forward

In a poignant revelation, the enigmatic woman who was spotted in the company of beloved actor Matthew Perry just 24 hours before his tragic and untimely demise has stepped into the spotlight, sharing intimate details about her encounter with the late star.

Athena Crosby, a 25-year-old model and reporter, has come forth to identify herself as the mysterious brunette, shedding light on her last moments with the Friends actor at the prestigious Bel-Air Hotel.

Reports from “You-em-zee” indicate that Crosby’s recollections of her meeting with Perry have left many deeply saddened, as she described his demeanor during their encounter as incredibly upbeat and joyous.

She recounted that Matthew Perry was in “a great mood during the conversation,” a revelation that has only added to the sense of loss surrounding the tragic passing of the beloved actor.

Athena Crosby took to her Instagram profile to confirm her identity as the brunette who shared that final, fateful meeting with Matthew Perry.

In a heartfelt post, she expressed her profound sorrow over Perry’s death, emphasizing that it was inappropriate to draw the focus towards herself, recognizing the paramount importance of honoring the late actor’s legacy.

Crosby stated, “His death devastated me but I felt it was wrong to talk about it publicly as the focus should not be on me but on him and his legacy, and he was an extremely private person, and I always respected that in our friendship.” Her sentiment echoes the sentiments of many who admired Matthew Perry’s work and respected his privacy.

The narrative of their encounter continues to unfold as Crosby shared that Perry was in “extremely good spirits” during their dinner, revealing that he was eagerly discussing matters close to his heart.

She described him as “very happy and energetic,” dispelling any rumors that their meeting was romantic in nature. Instead, she clarified that they were friends, having initially crossed paths through a mutual acquaintance several months ago.

What remains truly heartrending is the actor’s apparent zest for life during their conversation. According to Athena Crosby, Matthew Perry exuded positivity and excitement, particularly about his journey towards weight loss and his anticipation of indulging in the popular sport of pickleball.

It is worth remembering that the world was deeply shocked by the sudden and unexpected demise of Matthew Perry, who left us at the tender age of 54. His lifeless body was discovered in his hot tub after he had spent hours engaged in a spirited pickleball game, a haunting reminder of the fragility of life and the lasting impact of his work in the world of entertainment.

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