Wife and Lover Simultaneously Conceive Child, and the Actor Pretends to be Oblivious: How a One-Night Scheme Cost the Marriage

Scandalous Affair Leads to the Demise of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Marriage: A Tale of Wife, Lovers, and a Hidden Child

In a tale that unfolds like a dramatic script, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s world was upended by a sensational revelation, as it was disclosed that he had a love child born just days after the birth of his third child with his wife, Maria Shriver.

A Lifetime of Marriage Unraveled

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic actor, and former governor of California, had been married only once, and for a remarkable 35 years, to the journalist Maria Shriver. Together, they raised four children, making for a seemingly enviable family life.

The Secret Affair and the Illegitimate Child

The couple officially divorced in 2021, without issuing any public statements. Throughout their marriage, they faced numerous challenges and crises, including the scandal surrounding Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate son, Joseph.

The Earth-Shattering Revelation

The revelation that her husband had an out-of-wedlock child, born just days after the birth of their third child, Christopher, shattered Maria Shriver’s world. It emerged that Schwarzenegger had been involved in an affair with their former housekeeper, Mildred Baena. At first, Shriver had considered the rumors as mere gossip, but it eventually became clear that Schwarzenegger had indeed been unfaithful.

The Culprit Behind the Celebrity Divorce

Ironically, it was this infidelity that ultimately led to the divorce of the renowned actor. Interestingly, Schwarzenegger has little to no contact with Mildred. He maintains a close and loving relationship with his son, Joseph, but has no communication or meetings with Joseph’s mother.

Maintaining a Distant Relationship

According to a source close to the actor, “Arnold and Mildred don’t socialize, and they don’t talk much, if at all. However, he always wants to ensure that everything is okay with her through their son Joseph.” The source goes on to say, “He is pleased that Joseph has a good relationship with his mother, and despite this affair shattering his marriage to Maria, he respects Mildred as the mother of his child. He’s always there for Joseph.”

A Bond Forged in a Single Night

The scandal resulted from a one-night affair that would forever bind them. Schwarzenegger took responsibility for his child, though he does not engage in regular communication with Mildred. Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances surrounding Joseph’s birth, the actor adores his son, according to the source.

Father and Son: A Strong Bond

Schwarzenegger and his son, Joseph, have built a strong and close relationship over the years. Many have noted the striking resemblance between the two, both in terms of looks and interests.

The Legacy of a Hidden Child

Joseph follows in his father’s footsteps by pursuing acting and places great importance on physical fitness and a muscular physique, just like Arnold. In addition to his involvement in the entertainment industry, Joseph also dabbles in music and occasionally works as a DJ. Despite all this, it is intriguing to note that Joseph does not carry his father’s last name, but his mother’s.

A Striking Resemblance

In the attached gallery, you can see how the renowned actor looked in his younger days, and you’ll undoubtedly notice the striking resemblance between him and the young Joseph.

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