What’s Happening with Meghan Markle? She Appears Like a Dressed Skeleton, Legs Like Two Sticks – Harry Fears the Worst Scenario

It’s evident that Meghan Markle has significantly lost weight, but no one seems to understand why she has done this. Harry is afraid it might be the worst-case scenario.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, October 10th, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry participated in a guided meditation session at a New York school. Following the meditation, they held an emotional meeting to discuss the adverse effects of social media. During this discussion, Meghan emphasized the importance of her role as a mother in her life and expressed her concerns for her children’s future.

Worries Close to Home

Nevertheless, the greatest concern for her well-being seems to come from those close to her. An insider alerted, “Something is seriously amiss. It’s clear that she isn’t taking good care of herself, as evidenced by her distressingly thin appearance.” According to nutritional expert Dr. Fred Pescatore (who is not her physician), the Duchess currently has a deficit of 7 kilograms (approximately 15 pounds) from her ideal weight. Those closest to her attribute her “thin appearance” to an overly demanding lifestyle and constant public exposure. The insider added, “Megan is grappling with enormous pressure, and it shows.”

Weight and Past Struggles

Meghan has previously confronted issues related to her weight. “In my twenties, I battled incessantly with self-criticism and self-doubt about my weight,” the Duchess admitted. However, the current situation is different. Her closest confidants fear that her severe weight loss may be a sign that she is once again sinking into the serious depression that plagued her after her divorce.

A Troubling Past

In a shocking interview with CBS in 2021, Meghan, now 42 years old, revealed that the constant attacks and public abuse following her marriage in 2018 and during her pregnancy with her son, Archie, pushed her into a dark phase. “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore,” she confessed. “It was a very clear, real, and frightening constant thought.”

All of this occurs while she is raising her 4-year-old son, Archie, and 2-year-old daughter, Lili, as noted by the insider: “She’s struggling to balance her time with them due to her many commitments.” The stress has evidently taken a toll on her physical appearance. “From a psychological standpoint, one of the first things we assess in an evaluation is whether a person has lost or gained weight,” says therapist Stacey Kaiser, who has not treated Meghan. “A person under stress, depression, exhaustion, or immense societal pressure can significantly lose weight.”

Concerns of a Caring Husband

Harry, now 39, has observed Megan’s issues. “He’s noticed she’s not her old self anymore and is worried about her rapid weight loss.” Harry is aware that his mother, Princess Diana, was publicly known for her battle with bulimia, which only heightens his concerns. “There’s no doubt that he fears his wife will endure the same kind of suffering his mother went through, and his personal experiences have made him exceptionally sensitive to signs of mental health issues.”

In an effort to aid Megan, Harry is contemplating a significant change. “He worries that the current environment in Los Angeles isn’t the best for her,” the insider highlights, noting that spending time with Hollywood circles diverts attention from their philanthropic activities. “He believes that New York might be a better option for them. He misses the vibrancy of a big city and it’s closer to London. His only wish is for his wife to be happy and healthy.”

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