Sofía Vergara’s New Romance: Dinner Date with Orthopedic Surgeon Justin Saliman

Sofía Vergara, the renowned actress famous for her role in “Modern Family,” was spotted on a captivating date night in Los Angeles. The evening was graced by the company of a mysterious man, whose identity was revealed by Page Six to be orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman.

This charismatic duo was photographed heading to a restaurant in the stylish district of Beverly Hills, California. The backdrop of this rendezvous was quite intriguing, given that it happened to be in the same vicinity as Kim Kardashian’s 43rd birthday celebration.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Vergara was not among the guests invited to the Kardashian soirée; the stars merely crossed paths on this occasion.

For her enchanting evening with the handsome surgeon, Vergara donned a striking ensemble, comprising a black lace corset top, elegant plum-colored slacks, and sophisticated black heels. Her date, Justin Saliman, opted for a more casual look, featuring a navy button-down shirt paired with blue jeans.

Dr. Saliman’s credentials are indeed impressive. According to an online bio, this silver fox boasts an Ivy League education, having completed a fellowship at Stanford University. He also holds a medical degree from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

The accomplished medical professional specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopy, focusing on the joint-preserving treatment of shoulder, hip, and knee injuries, as indicated on his professional website. Additionally, he is credited with inventing a “revolutionary meniscus repair device” and owns a medical startup.

While Dr. Saliman’s professional life is remarkable, he’s no stranger to the Hollywood scene. Previously, he was married to actress Bree Turner, known for her roles in the TV show “Grimm” and the romantic comedy classic “The Ugly Truth.”

Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in 2018. Turner filed for divorce from Saliman, citing “irreconcilable differences,” after a decade of marriage and two children together.

On the other hand, Sofía Vergara’s love life has also seen recent changes, as she and Joe Manganiello, her husband of seven years, decided to part ways in July. One of the factors contributing to their breakup was reportedly Manganiello’s desire to have children.

Justin Saliman appears to be the first person romantically linked to Vergara following her divorce from Manganiello. While the exact beginning of their relationship is unclear, Vergara currently follows him on Instagram, suggesting a connection that goes beyond their memorable date night in Los Angeles.

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