Italian PM Giorgia Meloni Ends Relationship with TV Journalist Partner over Sexist Remarks

In a shocking turn of events, Italy’s far-right Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, announced the end of her nearly decade-long relationship with television journalist Andrea Giambruno. This decision comes on the heels of multiple incidents where Giambruno made offensive and sexist comments, which sparked public outrage and culminated in the couple’s separation.

The dramatic revelation unfolded when two off-air recordings surfaced, exposing Giambruno’s inappropriate remarks directed at a female colleague during his role as a presenter on Mediaset’s news talkshow, Diario Del Giorno. Meloni took to social media to confirm the dissolution of their partnership, expressing, “My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, which lasted almost 10 years, ends here.”

The couple, who shares a seven-year-old daughter named Ginevra, have decided to part ways due to the recent controversies and diverging paths in their personal lives. Meloni extended gratitude to Giambruno for their shared experiences, the challenges they overcame, and most significantly, their daughter. She acknowledged the necessity of acknowledging the separation at this juncture.

The incriminating recordings cast a shadow over Giambruno’s professional reputation. In the first off-air clip, he voiced his complaints about criticism of his hairstyle before making an inappropriate remark towards a female colleague. In the second recording, Giambruno suggested an offensive and inappropriate scenario involving multiple participants on the show.

These revelations marked a significant departure from the political position Meloni had taken just a month earlier when she defended Giambruno after he made a controversial statement on air. In September, Giambruno had made remarks advising women to “avoid getting drunk” to reduce the risk of sexual assault, particularly in light of a series of high-profile rape cases. Meloni had initially dismissed the remarks as being misinterpreted and somewhat similar to advice she had received from her mother about personal safety.

Giambruno’s track record of on-air blunders did not end with his sexist comments. He had previously made statements denying the existence of a climate crisis, causing public outrage. When record-breaking temperatures scorched Italy in July, Giambruno dismissed the issue, stating, “Heat in the summer isn’t big news.”

Meloni’s announcement was not solely focused on the end of her relationship. She pledged to “defend who we were, our friendship, and a seven-year-old who loves her mother and father in a way I could not love mine.” This promise reflects her personal commitment to protecting her daughter and the values they hold dear.

Giorgia Meloni’s political ascent to the Prime Minister’s office in October, following her party’s triumph in the general elections, marked a significant milestone in her career. Raised by a single mother and estranged from her father, she met Giambruno in a Mediaset studio during a day of political rallies. Giambruno’s anecdote about their initial meeting was described as “love at first sight,” though their recent controversy has cast a shadow over their shared history.

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