Sophia Loren Dispels On-Set Proposal Myth with Cary Grant

Sophia Loren Sets the Record Straight: No On-Set Proposal from Cary Grant

In a revelation that has sent ripples through the annals of Hollywood history, the iconic Italian actress Sophia Loren has shattered one of the greatest cinematic love story myths of the 20th century. Speaking exclusively to Radio Times, the 89-year-old screen legend dispelled the long-standing belief that Cary Grant had proposed to her during the filming of the 1957 epic “The Pride and the Passion.” This revelation not only unveils a hidden chapter in Loren’s life but also unravels a decades-old Hollywood legend.

Loren, who had just turned 23 when she embarked on the project, shared details of her torrid love affair with the dashing Cary Grant during the making of the film, which also featured the legendary Frank Sinatra. “Cary Grant was a very handsome man and a wonderful actor, but he didn’t propose,” Loren asserted firmly, putting the myth to rest once and for all.

One might wonder why this matters, but the age difference between Loren and Grant plays a pivotal role in debunking this rumor. Grant, a Hollywood veteran, was three decades older than the young Italian starlet.

Loren candidly admitted that, at the time, she was far too inexperienced and naive to have a clear understanding of love and relationships, making the idea of Grant proposing during their professional collaboration entirely improbable.

Loren’s revelation sheds new light on her 2014 memoirs, where she chronicled Grant’s relentless pursuit of her, despite his being married to his third wife at the time. The memoirs included a treasure trove of letters and keepsakes from Grant, wherein he penned phrases like, “You’ll be in my prayers” and expressed shared hopes and purposes. Until now, it had been widely accepted that Grant had indeed proposed to Loren on set.

Sophia Loren’s life took a decisive turn during the filming of “The Pride and the Passion.” At that pivotal moment, she was on the brink of marrying the esteemed film producer Carlo Ponti, a man 22 years her senior. This choice would not only impact her personal life but also shape her illustrious career.

Her decision to be with Ponti ultimately led to a lifelong partnership that endured until his passing in 2007. Remarkably, Loren and Grant, despite the ebbs and flows of life, maintained a close friendship, continuing to communicate through phone calls and heartfelt letters.

While Loren remains resolute in her decision and doesn’t harbor regrets about her choice, she did confess to a single lingering wish: a white wedding. She revealed her heartfelt desire, saying, “It’s very hard to say you have no regrets. In life, you always go through so many experiences, but I have always tried to live with no regrets. I think I’ve reached a peaceful life. I have everything I ever wanted, which is a wonderful family with beautiful children and beautiful grandchildren. The only thing I regret a little is that I never got married in a white dress. That was the dream of my life, which is still inside me.”

Sophia Loren’s revelation has unveiled a new chapter in her life and added depth to one of Hollywood’s most captivating love stories. It reminds us that even in the dazzling world of Tinseltown, myths and realities often intertwine, and sometimes, the truth is more captivating than fiction.

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